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Start Earning Money With Exclusive Content

8 Tips to Get Started with Your account and Eearn Money fast:

How much can you earn on

The truth is that big money, exclusive content is one of the most lucrative niches; especially if you are dedicated to adult entertainment. But it is also true that the competition is high and getting subscribers is not always easy, so it is best to follow these tips to earn money with “FansClub“.

Of course it is important to know ways to get subscribers for, and we talked about that earlier in the post:


But so is taking care of the content to keep current subscribers. You have to be especially careful from the background of the scene to the angle at which you point your phone; Let’s see what you can do to create quality content for

  1. Use a simple background:

We are going to start with something that will occupy a large part of the image: the background. A very busy or messy scene will capture all the attention of the users, leaving you in the background. Whether you record in your bedroom or the living room, you want to keep everything simple and clean.

An empty wall can work as a background, but also make sure to pick up your discarded clothes or any rubbish that may be around. If space is limited, you could use an app like AirBrush to touch up the video and make it look more professional.

2. Promote your account everywhere:

It is more than obvious, if your income comes from subscriptions, you cannot earn money with “Fans Club” without subscribers. So the first thing you should do is start looking for them and how to have more followers on you can do that through other social networks; it can be on Instagram, which is a visual social network, or Twitter, which has less censorship.

Exclusive Content Only For Fans -

On either of the two platforms you could place suggestive content and invite your followers to see more on your; Take advantage of hashtags to reach more people! You might even once in a while make a photo available on your FansClub censoring certain places, then remind users that they can subscribe to see the original photo.

I know, the title of this article says that you are going to earn money and now I tell you to give free content? This is nothing less than a marketing strategy, it is about giving users a look so that they fall in love with your content and continue paying later to see more; I assure you that you will soon multiply your number of subscribers.

On the other hand, free content will also help you make a place for yourself on the platform and you could profit from exclusive content (those requests for which you receive tips). Either way, it’s a plus that allows you to set up a free subscription on your account.

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